The ups and downs of immigration

Throughout history there are moments when migrants are accepted and well received in host countries. On the other hand there are times when they become a threat for whatever reasons and are restricted or returned to the sending countries. In 1969 Uganda returned migrant workers to Kenya, a decision that threatened the health of the East African community.

For example, in Europe “Immigration, which was largely acceptable when the employment market was booming (Europe received 8 million immigrants between 1950 and 1980), became an increasingly serious social issue during the 1970s, with Turkish guest workers in West Germany, North Africans migration into France, and post-imperial immigration into Britain all attracting alarmist reactions. Events in the economic arena from mid-1970s have underscored the interdependence and potential fragility of each state’s economic system, and the need for policy-makers to be able to secure growth in order to make social legislation viable, and to retain outward-looking and open societies”(Michael Howard and Wm. Roger Louis: The Oxford History Of The Twentieth Century 1998).

Uganda that has witnessed slow economic growth needs to recast its immigration policy at a time when over 80 percent of youth including University graduates are unemployed.

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