Splendid news from the Obama administration

On behalf of United Democratic Ugandans (UDU), I thank the Obama administration for taking appropriate and timely stand and calling on Rwanda to stop supporting M23 and immediately withdraw Rwandan military personnel from DR Congo.

The decision comes on the eve of the United Nations Security Council meeting on July 25, 2013 to discuss peace and security in the Great Lakes region. We call on other friends of people in the Great Lakes region to put pressure on state and non-state actors to stop fueling instability that has already caused massive loss of lives and properties, displaced millions from their homes and violated the human rights and fundamental freedoms of many others including rape.

UDU believes that none is more equal or better endowed than others or has monopoly to terrorize others including dispossessing them of their assets including land.

The Great Lakes region has more than enough resources for everyone to live a comfortable life provided the benefits of economic growth are shared equitably and everyone has equal opportunity to develop the God given talents.

Regarding the future government of Uganda UDU has vigorously campaigned for a transitional government to be realized through peaceful methods of all interested parties including NRM to prepare a level playing field for free and fair multi-party elections at an appropriate time.

Eric Kashambuzi

Secretary General, UDU

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